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Social media: Rules and regulations for EMS
How to update technology at your agency
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News Spotlight
Medics' union calls for FDNY EMS chief resignation
The NYC paramedics' union issued a vote of no confidence in the chief of FDNY EMS and is demanding that he resign because of his management of Superstorm Sandy. Union members say that EMS Chief Abdo Nahmod kept crews in flooded stations that should have been evacuated and forgot about them. The union also claims that Chief Nahmod allowed EMS units to remain on streets without shelter during the storm and did not call off-duty personnel for help. Major mismanagement
Featured News
W.Va. EMT killed in ambulance crash
An EMT died after suffering a seizure behind the wheel of an ambulance, which then crashed into several buildings. Chris Staggs, 35, was taken to the hospital after the crash but later died from his injuries. (Photo Kyle Lovern/WDN ) Lived, breathed and slept EMS
Today's Top Stories:
Driver killed, firefighters, medics injured in ambulance crash: SUV slammed into ambulance head-on just as crews finished loading patient
City sues LA Dodgers for injured medic's hospital bills: Vicious attack at game in March 2011 left Bryan Stow severely injured
 NY EMT dies in ambulance crash
 Passenger in double-crash that killed EMT dies
 Shoplifting suspect steals, crashes Texas ambulance
 911 tapes from 140-car Texas pile-up released
News Analysis:
Send the Christmas spirit: How you can help Nathan Norman
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
Do you have 5 minutes and a couple bucks? Well, here is one opportunity to give the gift of comfort and happiness that won't cost much of your time and money. Nathan Norman is 6-years-old and was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009. Since then, he and his family have been battling the beast, traveling long distances to find treatments. So where do you fit in? Nathan loves to receive holiday greeting cards from EMS providers. Add to his joy
Everyday EMS
Social media: Rules and regulations for EMS
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Columnist
Regulation of staff social media use should be prioritized relative to other concerns, like ambulance crashes and on-the-job injuries. But if an employee's first action when they feel wronged is to vent on Facebook, there's an employee relations problem. 8 "what ifs"
When Your Patient Can't Speak, Get the Medical Information You Need from their MedicAlert ID
Access your patients' emergency information in 60 seconds with MedicAlert. We hold information for more than 3.5 million people in the United States and Canada alone.
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Asking the Big Questions
How to update technology at your agency
By Fitch & Associates, EMS1 Contributors
The implementation phase is at least as important as choosing the right technology in the first place. During both selection and implementation, you should keep in mind that technology doesn't fix poor processes. Rather, it tends to expose them. 3 questions
Last Chance to Register: 5th Annual Emergency Medicine Capnography Summit
Sponsored by Oridion® Capnography, now a part of the Covidien family, in conjunction with the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa, School of Community Medicine. All emergency health care providers - including paramedics, emergency department nurses, respiratory therapists, and anyone involved in emergency transport are invited to attend.
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The Legal Guardian
When an EMS patient confesses a crime
By David Givot, EMS1 Columnist
Despite all the preparation in the world, you can never be ready for it: the moment a patient confesses to a crime. Thankfully, they are relatively rare, says David Givot in this column from our archives. But if it does happen, you can manage your way through them. 5 rules
EMS1 Video
Man thanks paramedics who saved his life
A man was reunited with paramedics who brought him back to life two weeks ago.
Crews rescue massive pig
The pig is believed to weigh as much as 1,300 pounds.
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ENGEL: When Cold is a Matter of Life and Death
Engel offers the most extensive line of portable refrigeration units for the emergency medical market, including the MHD13F-U1, a digitally-controlled compact refrigerator/freezer that can fit in literally any emergency vehicle, from a fully equipped ambulance to the chief’s cruiser. It is FDA registered and will maintain any temperature from zero- to 113-degrees, despite changes in ambient temperature.
Engel has your EMS/Fire Rescue/Medical Gear
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511 Tactical Haste Patrol Boot
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Product News
ImageTrend’s 5th Annual EDS Conference Call for Presenters
[ImageTrend, Inc.]
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