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A new way to manage Generation Y
Expert insights on patient handling
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News Spotlight
Combat-vet EMT is convicted of fondling patient
An EMT accused of fondling a domestic assault victim in the back of an ambulance will spend one year in jail. Though his defense attorney cites that he needs treatment for PTSD brought on by tours in Iraq and Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, a judge sentenced him to a year in prison with two years of probation. He will also remain on the sex-offender registry for life. "It's disturbing"
Featured News
Video: 3 killed in police chase crash with ambulance
Three people were killed in a crash between a car being pursued by Ga. police and a private ambulance. The car rear-ended the ambulance at a high speed, killing the driver and two passengers. (Image News4jax)
No seat belts
Today's Top Stories:
Responders worry about road safety with legalized pot: Police are being trained on new blood-test limits in Wash. state
Video: SUV crashes into fire truck on live TV: KPRC's traffic reporter was giving a live traffic update when the accident happened on air
 Medic pleads guilty in fatal ambulance crash
 Ill. firefighter killed by own dog
 Video: NBA cheerleader takes horrifying fall during half-time show
 Kansas City EMS response times under intense scrutiny
News Analysis:
High drivers: How will marijuana laws impact EMS?
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
It's inevitable that EMS will see an increase of patients whose injuries or illness will be impacted by the use of legalized marijuana. Don't get me wrong — I think it's been bad public policy to criminalize marijuana use. There hasn't been conclusive, definitive data to support its use as a gateway drug, or as a key influence in violence and other criminal activity. Certainly there are health hazards, among them driving while under the influence. Need clear guidelines
Lessons Learned
The EMS Alumni: A new way to manage Generation Y
By Steve Athey, EMS1 Columnist
Generation Y employees range between the ages of 18 and 28 and have certain tendencies that some employers find difficult. One agency has found a way to develop a culture that supports the employee. Enter the "alumni" concept
Innovative Technology for Challenging IV Access
Weighing 10 ounces, the AccuVein AV300 improves peripheral vascular access for IV infusion by projecting a pattern of light on the patient's skin revealing the position of underlying veins. Easily locate veins, confirm IV access or identify vein punctures in all types of patients, including diabetic, bariatric, dehydrated, pediatric and elderly.
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EMS1 Exclusive
EMS Roundtable: Expert insights on patient handling
By EMS1 Staff
With many EMS providers being injured during this essential phase of an EMS call, we asked experts from our roster of columnists to share their thoughts on this fundamental aspect of the job. Common mistakes
Rad-57™ Quick and Noninvasive Assessment of CO Levels in the Blood
A patient can be suffering from CO poisoning even if CO is not detected in the air. The symptoms of CO poisoning can be easily mistaken for other illnesses, but it's also possible to be poisoned without any symptoms at all. That's why it's important to test every patient, every time.
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EMS1 Video
Man crashes motorcycle, lands on feet
A man crashes his motorcycle into a truck and miraculously lands on his feet, seemingly okay.
Dash cam: Driver sent flying in crash
A Russian dash cam captures a crash between a motorcycle and what appears to be an emergency vehicle, sending the cyclist flying.
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Introducing the New FirstVu HD Body Cam
Digital Ally's FirstVu HD is smaller, lighter and highly versatile. The system features a user replaceable battery that can outlast your entire shift, records a wide view in HD quality to capture all the important details (even at night), pre-event recording, security features and more.
The Future of Body Cameras
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Your EMS squad members are out there every day, providing a vital lifeline within the community. Isn't it time to invest in them? NAEMT's squad membership program lets you provide your service members with scholarship opportunities, group rates on limited benefit health insurance, discounts of up to 35 percent on continuing education and the publications, products and services you use every day — and more. Learn more today.
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ImageTrend Announces 5th Annual EDS Conference
[ImageTrend, Inc.]

New Getac PS336 Rugged Handheld Uses Interchangeable End-Caps
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Infant CPR Bag explained in this demo
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