Cervical spine field clearance — revisited ; CPAP in EMS ;
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Cervical spine field clearance — revisited
Other uses for CPAP in EMS
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News Spotlight
DC faces 'critical' paramedic shortage
Paramedics are leaving the District's Fire and EMS agency at such a high rate due to overwork and stress that the department is now facing a critical shortage. Call volume in the city has been rising over the past three years as a result of increased population, but the department's emergency medical system, especially its staffing of paramedic units, has fallen short. $7,000 recruitment bonuses
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Video: Firefighters, medics save man during suicide attempt
Video shows firefighters rushing to position an inflated cushion to break a suicidal man's fall after he jumps from the top of a four-story building. (Image LiveLeak) Just in time
Today's Top Stories:
Driver dies after crashing into UK ambulance: Man drove into a parked ambulance while medics were helping victims of another accident
Video: Firefighters rescue man impaled on fence: The man was trying to "get a nice view of the city" when he got his legs stuck to the fence
 Firefighter arrested for making fake emergency calls
 2 Atlanta officers killed in chopper crash
 1 dead, 3 injured in NC hospital fire
 Video: Plane hits top of SUV
News Analysis:
Serve your community another way today: Vote
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
Go vote. Not because it is your civic duty, but because you love this country and everything it stands for, including the right to vote. Vote your conscience, and not because you love your guy or you hate the other guy. Vote because there are few countries that allow the level of discourse we've seen and heard in the past year. Vote because you are an American
Out of the Box
Confessions of a recovering field spine clearance addict — revisited
By Dave Ross, EMS1 Columnist
One thing is for sure: Field clearance of the cervical spine is a controversial issue. Believe it or not, I knew that before writing the article previous to this one. But if there was any doubt, the responses clearly show the passion. I am going to try responding to some of those comments. Two things
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EMS News in Focus
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
The main use of CPAP in the field care setting is for the management of CHF secondary to pulmonary hypertension. It has been shown to be highly effective in reducing the length of stay in hospitals and the overall cost of care to the patient. Other uses
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Fireworks display goes off with a bang
A fireworks display goes off all at once, injuring one child, during the annual bonfire night celebration in the UK.
911, according to a 5-year-old
A child explains how calling 911 works. N.B., "Daddy" is a paramedic.
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