How to treat winter sports injuries; Assessing for nystagmus;
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How to treat winter sports injuries
Assessing for nystagmus
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News Spotlight
EMT accused of hiring hit man to kill firefighter husband in Texas
Brittany Rachelle Martinez, a 24-year-old emergency medical technician with two children, allegedly wanted her husband, a Houston firefighter, dead. According to court records, she gave a friend $1,000 to hire a hit man, provided her husband's work schedule and made sure the hit man had a photo of him. She gave instructions that the would-be killer should park a block away from her beloved's southwest Houston firehouse. "She just wanted the job done"
Featured News
ND 'gold rush' stretches fire and EMS to its limits
Trailer clusters created for a huge influx of workers in N.D. are creating a nightmare for fire and EMS services. With no addresses and no streets names, responses are no easy task. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull) "It is like a war zone"
Today's Top Stories:
Fire department proposes EMS fee in Calif. city: Chief Matt Shobert is proposing the city begin charging residents for emergency medical care
Medics cleared in Maine ski death probe: Wife claimed ambulance crew did not care for husband properly after accident
 5 children killed in Ariz. car crash
 Responders left shaken after cop's "assault" at Va. crash scene
 30 students in racial brawl at Calif. high school
 DC Fire-EMS chief never fully vetted, had sex-harassment complaints
News Analysis:
Rhetoric and rationalization should not overcome reason
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
Cities really are looking to get the most out of their contracted providers, as well as their own services. I don't think that this will change either; like the rest of the country, we have learned to do more with less. We'll expand by developing new services and taking on additional responsibilities, but we won't be turning the clock back any time soon How things are changing
EMS1 Exclusive
How to treat winter sports injuries
 Winter time sports are a lot of fun and are a great way to get exercise. Unfortunately injuries are common and EMS providers must be ready to manage both critical and non-life threatening injuries when they occur. The number of people injured during winter sports are significant. Most common injuries you'll find
The Versatile Rocky TrailStalker Waterproof Hiking Boot
The Rocky TrailStalker Oxford is great for trail running and the Rocky TrailStalker Hiker gives additional ankle support for trekking over uncertain ground. Hiking footwear doesn't always provide the waterproof support you need with the comfort you want: the Rocky TrailStalker delivers both.
Light enough for running—only $79.90
Remember Two Things
Assessing for nystagmus
Host Steve Whitehead gives an overview of nystagmus assessment and two important tips for EMS providers to remember, including "smooth pursuit." Watch the video
Insights on Innovation
Innovative oropharyngeal airway displayed at EMS Today
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
The Dual-Air from NuZone Medical is an innovative oropharyngeal airway. A set of three can replace a whole kit of Berman or Hudson style OPAs. It comes in both adult and pediatric sizes, and solves several problems with existing oral airway. Easy to size and insert
Cindy Elbert Will Make Sure You're Totally Covered
We are large enough to serve you, but small enough to care. We are an independent insurance agency. We do not work for an insurance company. We work for you. We want our customers to focus on their job of saving lives and helping their community while we do our job of making sure that you are covered.
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Keep yourself safe
A music video showing the potential hazards EMS professionals face on a day-to-day basis.
Unconscious soccer player gets red card
An unconscious soccer player is given the red card — as medics wheel him away for treatment.
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You've Heard the Stories. Make Sure You Don't Become One.
Alcohol, drugs, and even numerous medical conditions cause violence. Your patients may have hidden weapons that can be used against you. Are you trained to deal with it? The high impact training of the EMS1 Street Survival Seminar will prepare you to identify danger cues and equip yourself with a survival mindset.
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South Florida Police Dept. Enhances Security with Havis Weatherproof Docking Station
[Havis Corporation]

Iowa Air National Guard Upgrades Communications to C4i's SwitchplusIP
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