From Mantooth to flank steak: EMS Today highlights; The best new products at EMS Today;
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From Mantooth to flank steak: EMS Today highlights
The best new products at EMS Today
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Dear EMS1 Member,

With the number of great fire and EMS blogs out there nowadays, we'd like to give credit where credit is due — but we need your help in doing so! In partnership with our sister site, FireRescue1, as well as, we are proud to announce the 2012 Fire & EMS Blog of the Year contest.

Sponsored by the American Military University, the contest will recognize four blogs — two each from fire and EMS. The winners will take home some nice prizes, and you've got the chance to bag some swag as well for picking the winner. Check out our contest page — you have until the weekend to nominate your favorite!

The EMS1 Team
News Spotlight
Medic 'attacked' deputy who shielded Fla. patient
An Osceola County Fire Rescue paramedic has been arrested on charges of attacking a deputy sheriff who was protecting a psychiatric patient from the outraged responder. Jarred Stroup is accused of shoving Deputy Debra Martin at Florida Hospital Kissimmee, where she had custody of a handcuffed man awaiting admission to a behavioral center. For unknown reasons, the psychiatric patient became upset with Stroup and referred to him with a slur. "Lunged at patient"
Featured News
Girl, 3, hospitalized after swallowing 37 magnets
An X-ray shows 37 'Buckyballs' magnets in the stomach of a 3-year-old girl in Ore. Payton Bushnell had complained to her parents of symptoms that resembled the flu, before doctors made the remarkable discovery. (Image KPTV) Thought she swallowed a bracelet
Today's Top Stories:
Cop allegedly stabs 2 firefighters at Va. crash scene: A police officer in Virginia Beach faces charges of stabbing two firefighters after a crash
Ind. woman loses legs saving kids from tornado: Mom saved her two children by binding them together with a blanket and shielding them
 Bryan Stow moved to new rehab facility
 Tenn. county transitions from hospital-based to private ambulance for 911
 Families oppose 9/11 remains at memorial museum
 Medics free protester glued to prison gates in UK
News Analysis:
When we need to walk away
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
Patients with behavioral emergencies are a classic example of those that can present unique challenges, as highlighted by the incident involving the Fla. firefighter-medic in today's News Spotlight. But a patient is a patient, no matter how upsetting that might be. Regardless of the ability of that person to get under your skin, you have an ethical and professional responsibility to maintain your cool, calm exterior. The 2 principles to follow
The Ambulance Driver's Perspective
From Mantooth to flank steak: My highlights from EMS Today
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
I was touched to see that a man who had inspired a generation of providers to become EMTs found so much inspiration from us in return. The man? Randy Mantooth. But the "Emergency!" actor wasn't the only star of EMS Today in Baltimore. How I competed with sizzling beef
Having Trouble with Mask CPAP?
Impact® Ventilators with auto-leak compensation and CPAP/Bi-Level modes can help. Impact’s EMV+® improves patient synchrony and comfort while conserving oxygen.
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Insights on Innovation
Top products at EMS Today 2012
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
EMS Today 2012 in Baltimore this past weekend was an astounding event. Several new products were introduced here for the first time anywhere and have enormous potential. For me, we have a real four-way tie for top new product at the 2012 conference. Remarkable pieces of equipment
Insights on Innovation
New disposable CPAP system introduced at EMS Today
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
The Rescuer Emergency CPAP from BLS Systems offers a combination of features we have not seen before. It is completely disposable and easy to use. Based on my discussions, it may also be one of the least expensive of the disposable CPAP type devices on the market. Key features
Reduce health risks in your firehouse
Breathe healthier clean air in your firehouse with an AirHAWK Air Purification System. Filtration units suspend from the ceiling, above areas of activity. Four-stage filtration removes diesel exhaust gases, soot particles, and airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Units continuously return clean, purified air.
Get rid of contaminants now
EMS1 Video
Team-based learning in EMS
Richard Beebe talks to the new instructor about team-based learning to train medics to work as a team out in the field.
Demystifying autism for responders
A firefighter whose son is autistic is teaching other responders how they should treat people with autism.
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Be Prepared Even Under the Harshest of Conditions
EMP introduces the revolutionary Professional hard shell emergency medical case from Seavival. Incredibly tough and guaranteed to survive even under the harshest of conditions, the Professional was designed especially for emergency medical professionals. The unique quad chamber provides quality, innovative features for your most demanding tasks.
See more of what the Professional has to offer
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Globe Celebrates 125th Anniversary by Giving 125 Sets of Gear to Volunteer Departments

AmbuPro EMS ePCR Software Announces AmbuPro WEB
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