Calling in your patient report; The benefits of ultrasound in EMS;
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Calling in your patient report
The benefits of ultrasound in EMS
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News Spotlight
Drunken driver pleads guilty to killing medic in Utah
Just one day after his 27th birthday, a Salt Lake man pleaded guilty Tuesday to driving under the influence and killing a paramedic. Gabriel Perez-Guiterez ran from the accident scene, but was later found hiding in a window well and arrested. Paramedic Jonathan Bowers spent a week in the hospital before succumbing to his injuries. He had worked for Gold Cross Ambulance for about six years at the time of his death. Hoped to work for FEMA
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Top 5 EMS videos of the month
A man suffers a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill and a tailgating "fanbulance" for the Super Bowl feature in the top five EMS videos from February. Watch the videos
Today's Top Stories:
Wash. MCI drills paid off when propane tank exploded: Incident management system worked as practiced when propane tank blew up
Remains of some 9/11 victims went to landfill: Partial remains were cremated, then given to biomedical waste disposal contractor
 Okla. victim shot 4 times says wrongly billed for ambulance
 Man suffers 'fractured skull' in NY mosh-pit
 NC man drinks gasoline from jar, lights up, dies
 Bird flu, pig flu, now bat flu?
News Analysis:
Ma'am, you are a shining example of human kindness
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
There are two sources of solace to come out of the story of a medic killed by a drunk driver. First, as EMS providers, we have a unique opportunity to reduce the frequency of this avoidable tragedy by timely and effective intervention. And then there's the grace exhibited by Mr. Bower's mother, where she expressed no anger toward her son's killer. Thank you for showing the way
Insights on Innovation
The benefits of ultrasound in EMS
By Dan White, EMS1 Columnist
Imagine knowing your patient would soon go into shock before their BP crashes. Imagine being able to see exactly where that ET tube tip is located. Imagine being able to look inside your patient and see what's wrong. 3 promising devices
Get There Faster with JefBar's Ambulance Dispatch Software
JefBar's Ambulance Dispatch Software (CAD) provides maximum flexibility for dispatchers to get the needed unit to the scene efficiently. This accuracy is paired with dynamic reporting capability to help you take control and control costs.
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Remember Two Things
Calling in your patient report
Host Steve Whitehead, a firefighter-paramedic, offers two pointers on using your cell phone for delivering your patient care report. Watch the video
Improve Cardiac Arrest Care and Survival Rates
ArrestPAC is a cardiac arrest treatment bag providing direction, organization, and efficiency for ALS responders. ArrestPACs are simple (unfolding to present specific treatments in the correct order), instructive (with quick-reference cards of individual responsibilities and workflows), and flexible (defaulting to the latest AHA algorithms for treatment, but accommodating varying protocols).
Keep your crew organized. Order the ArrestPAC today
EMS1 Video
EMT recounts how she was saved by colleagues
Chris Parker was marching in a parade when she collapsed. Good thing her EMT friends were nearby
Bringing patients back
This spoof of Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" was an EMT class project.
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