Boy dies after ambulance sat nav breaks; Advanced airway tips for the BLS provider;
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Boy dies after ambulance sat nav breaks
Advanced airway tips for the BLS provider
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News Spotlight
Medics, police join forces in 'booze response units'
Paramedics and police have joined forces to provide rapid response for alcohol-fueled revelers and victims of drunken violence in a pilot scheme in a UK city. They provide a "quick response" with the paramedic helping those who have drunk too much or attacked while out drinking, while police will deal with any aggressive behavior or trouble-causers. "Instant impact"
Featured News
Widow fights for paramedic benefits
The widow of a paramedic who suffered a fatal heart attack chasing a mentally ill patient is fighting for federal death benefits. (Image MyFoxPhilly) Technically a contract worker
Today's Top Stories:
Ga. medic dragged trying to stop stolen ambulance: Responder was dragged 20 feet when he tried to stop ambulance being taken
UK boy "died after ambulance crew's sat nav broke": Grieving mom says faulty sat nav delayed crews from reaching her son
 Minn. ambulance service makes defibrillators a phone call away
 2 firefighters make CO rescues on routine Maine inspection
 Paramedics sound alarm on drug shortage
 1 dead, several injured after BMW crashes through KFC window
News Analysis:
Intoxication calls: How cops can aid our responses
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
Managing an intoxicated patient on a Saturday night is not my idea of fun — it's work. While it can be mildly amusing at times, it's more frustrating than anything else, especially when the reason for the EMS call is directly correlated to the level of ethanol present in the patient's bloodstream. The 'booze response units' in England are a potential way to manage this group of patients Why it's a good fit
The Ambulance Driver's Perspective
Advanced airway tips for the BLS provider
By Kelly Grayson, EMS1 Columnist
It doesn't matter if the medic wields his 'scope with all the panache of an airway samurai — a skilled set of hands to assist in the procedure often spells the difference between success and failure. I was reminded of that fact last week during a particularly difficult intubation. 5 things you need to know
Wouldn't You Want to Improve Patient Care at the Scene, Immediately?
Backed by the American Ambulance Association and NAEMT, ICEdot can determine a patient’s identity, age, medication, medical conditions, medication allergies and emergency contacts via text message, mobile app or internet-enabled device.
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Drug Whys
Epinephrine: Drug Whys
By Mike McEvoy, EMS1 Columnist
Epinephrine has a wide variety of uses and can be administered by multiple routes. For the purposes of this column, discussion will be limited to uses of epinephrine auto-injectors, most often used for treatment of allergic reactions and severe asthma. Cautions and warnings
The Name in Safety, Rescue and Survival
Junkin Safety Appliance Company manufacturers a variety of safety and rescue equipment including: Basket Stretchers, Plastic Stretchers, Aluminum Break-apart Stretchers, Air-Rescue Stretchers, Aluminum and Steel Pole Stretchers with Vinyl Covers, Stretcher Kits, Stretcher Accessories, Wooden and Polyethylene Backboards, Evacuation Chairs, First Aid Equipment, and Fire Blankets.
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EMS1 Video
Be aware of your surroundings
Richard Beebe explains the contact medic, cover medic strategy.
The medic who texts in her sleep
This medic sends coherent texts while she is sleeping and what's more — doesn't remember them when she wakes up.
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Maximum Control for Controlled Substances
The MedixSafe M2 and C2 combine the security and ease of scanning a fingerprint with the efficiency of remote network adminstration. This way, controlled substances in your vehicles and on-site are safe, secure, and fully traced.
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