What to do when you miss the IV; Get the most from your medical director;
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What to do when you miss the IV
Get the most from your medical director
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News Spotlight
Study: Injection offers faster help for seizure patients
Injecting patients in the thigh with a drug-loaded syringe is a safe and effective way to stop a seizure in an emergency, according to results of a national study released Wednesday. The two-year study concluded that a single stab from an auto-injector was more effective in stopping a prolonged seizure than the traditional method of inserting an intravenous line and delivering the drug directly into the bloodstream. New protocol for medics?
Featured News
Mourners say goodbye to fallen medic
Responders line the street Thursday for the funeral of fallen Va. paramedic Joshua Weissman, who died after falling from an overpass last week. (Image WUSA) Watch the video
Today's Top Stories:
Fla. firefighter-medic allegedly tried to poison lieutenant: A Fla. FF-medic was arrested Tuesday for allegedly poisoning a lieutenant's canteen
Wyo. rescue copter crash kills rescuer and snowmobiler: Sheriff's officials have said that a failed rear rotor might have caused the crash
 Family gets right to sue Canada medics over death
 EMSA, fire department plan joint protocol for Okla. MCIs
 Tenn. firefighter recalls saving life in midair
 Ambulances slowed down during strike, Canada inquest hears
News Analysis:
Seizure treatment study: Implications for EMS
By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor
It can be a challenge to administer an intravenous benzodiazepine when the patient is actively seizing. Being able to use an auto-injector — as outlined in the study released Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine — can simplify the procedure and speed up the delivery time. It might also mean that terminating an active seizure might become a basic life support procedure. This can improve a system's overall ability to respond to these common calls. A common call for EMS systems
Remember Two Things
What to do when you miss the IV
Every once in a while it's inevitable that we're going to miss the IV. In this latest Remember Two Things episode, Steve Whitehead explains what you should do. Watch the video
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Asking the Big Questions
How to get the most from your medical director
By Fitch & Associates, EMS1 columnist
Medical directors' duties often include overseeing quality improvement, protocol development and verification of proficiency. But mismatched expectations can conspire to significantly reduce the effectiveness of this core service component. 5 things you should do
Everyday EMS Tips
CPR class instruction: 5 ways to make it great
By Greg Friese, EMS1 columnist
As I have spent more hours in CPR class than I care to remember, I tend to be a critical student. Fortunately my most recent healthcare provider recertification was memorable for all of the things the instructors did well. Cut the story-telling
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EMS1 Video
Medics called to world's longest outdoor rink
Deteriorating ice surfaces resulted in Ottawa paramedics responding to multiple skating injuries.
"You're on the ambulance for the day..."
Here's one man's displeasure at having to ride a busy medic unit.
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