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EMS1 Member News
EMS1 Member News
March 1, 2011
Volume 359
Featured News
A judge has ruled there isn't enough evidence to prosecute a paramedic who allegedly tried to stop officers from using a stun gun to subdue a suicidal woman. Medic Jodi L. Kerr-Rummel was charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct for jumping in between police and the woman to temporarily prevent officers from using the stun gun. Woman became unruly
Dept. unveils low cost ambulance
Responders load a gurney into a specialized ambulance in Pasadena, Calif., on Monday. The vehicle, based on a platform of a rugged ATV, is built to tackle rough terrain. (Photo Walt Mancini/SXCity)
Easily navigates through crowds
Top Stories
The Scout Console: Dispatch for a Real Public
Safety Environment
Scout is a true VoIP console that can be deployed to meet business requirements impossible for older TDM (Time Division Multiplex) technology to match. Avtec provides dispatch console systems for first responders, enabling you to locate and respond to emergencies more quickly and effectively. Visit Avtec at the IWCE conference in Las Vegas, March 7th-8th at booth #6035.
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Survival Guide
By Jim Upchurch, Sponsored by Bound Tree
You know the old saying, "If a little is good, more is better" — not so if we're talking about post-resuscitation oxygen therapy. With ROSC, oxygen is suddenly delivered to previously oxygen-starved cells and results in the production of toxic substances that can damage or even destroy cells. Why you should do less

Featured Videos
In February, ParamedicTV saw a few interesting news videos — find out what a woman did with a stolen ambulance, and watch the ambulance procession that laid an ambulance chief to rest in Pennsylvania. Watch the videos

Protect Yourself & Your Patients from Infectious Diseases
with GKR Convenience Bags
GKR Industries introduces the Convenience Bag for discreet containment and disposal of vomit or urine. The contents will not spill even if the bag is dropped due to the inner-valve which also helps contain odor. Outer hand protection helps eliminate the chance of body fluids contaminating the user. The Convenience Bag is easily disposed and needs no twist ties like other brands.
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GKR Industries
News Analysis
With a growing population and more people unwilling to volunteer in rural West Texas, officials worry about how to treat and transfer patients to larger hospitals. Editorial Advisor Art Hsieh says rural EMS is a beast onto its own. "The passion of the existing volunteer structure, coupled with cash-strapped municipalities, makes it an incredible challenge to overcome," he says.
'My fear is that someone is going to die'

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Press Release:
EMS eSchedule Reveals Improved Workforce Management: User Defined Data
[EMS eSchedule]
Featured Member Comment
"Well, long response times are reality. Here, our local government cannot afford to put ambulances all over the county to keep us at an eight minute response time. We have 600 square miles to cover and there are parts that take more than 20 minutes to respond to."
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EMT - Basic
Bossier City, LA - Posted 3/1/11

Scranton, PA - Posted 2/18/11

Portland, CT - Posted 2/18/11

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