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EMS1 Member News
EMS1 Member News
February 3, 2011
Volume 352
Air Medical Transport
By Paul Mazurek, EMS1 Columnist
Many individuals would have made a declaration to the world last month that "something" gets accomplished during the upcoming year. As an air medical provider, there are always new goals to meet in order to stay sharp in the field. Raise the bar

Man allegedly stole, crashed EMS rig
Damage is seen on an EMS vehicle after it was allegedly stolen and crashed by a man in North Carolina on Tuesday. The vehicle would have been used to rescue him, but instead responders used a second vehicle from miles away. (Image WXII12)
Marijuana plants in house
Top Stories
The Perfect "First In" EMS Trauma Kit
Emergency Medical Products, Inc. (EMP) is proud to be your master distributor of L.A. Rescue. The industry leading L.A. Rescue O2 to Go Pro Trauma/Oxygen Kit is latex-free and loaded with all the necessary equipment, bandaging, airway management, and infection control supplies that you need in an emergency.
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EMS1 Exclusive
By Kyle David Bates, EMS1 Contributor
What do you picture when you receive a call for a single-car motor vehicle crash with rollover and entrapment? What you see in your head may not be what others see. Communication is key at any scene, but especially at the scene of an MVC. Make sure you're clear, concise, and face-to-face whenever possible to make sure the patient gets the best care. Choose your words carefully

Conversations in EMS
Mike Ward, Director of Emergency Health Services at George Washington University, discusses creating a separate EMS education much like the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Program. He says EMS education today is like the Fire Education was in the 70s. "It is not as well defined, and we don't have a set of professional standards." Watch the video

A Professional Video Event Recorder... That's Affordable!
The DVM-250 is convenient to use yet completely unobtrusive. Simply replace your rear-view mirror and set up your automatic record triggers. It captures all the important events (including 30 sec. before hitting record), the monitor is invisible when not in use (available with backup camera), and more.
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Digital Ally
News Analysis
In Australia, a paramedic said that the staff at his ambulance service sent him harassing emails while on leave, and management made him feel intimidated during meetings. Officials are reviewing the conduct of the staff and say the allegations will be taken seriously. Editorial Advisor Art Hsieh says that employers can promote bullying-free organizational cultures by following a few simple steps.
'Victimized and disturbed'

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Featured Member Comment
"Well, it is the age old problem: Who has control of the scene? The police are called because the patient may be violent. The medics are called for medical intervention and transport. As far as I can remember back to 1971 when I started in EMS as a police office in Michigan, we did both jobs in some cases."
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