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Dec. 28, 2009
Volume 237
Editor's Note
As 2009 draws to a close, it's helpful to look back on a year of changes and historical moments to prepare ourselves for the future. This week EMS1 brings you exclusive year-end coverage focusing on the best, worst, and most memorable events of the last 12 months, as well as some useful lessons heading into 2010.

Check out the year-in-review slideshow and special coverage for pieces from your favorite columnists.

— Kris Kaull, Paramedic
Online Director, EMS Division
Looking Back on 2009
The Empire State Building, in partnership with the FDNY, is illuminated yellow, white, and blue in celebration of EMS Week in May. Agencies across the country marked this year's theme, "A Proud Partner in Your Community." (Photo FDNY)
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Year-in-Review Columns
2009: A Year of Swine Fools

In a year of swine flu frenzy and mass panic, the number one H1N1 victim was common sense.

Have We Taken the 'Advanced' out of ACLS?

After a year of developments in cardiac resuscitation, what will the next version of the ACLS course look like?

Back to Basics in 2009

All that was once old suddenly became new again in 2009, with many EMS systems returning to the basics.

Discover the CARE Ambulance Service School of Paramedicine
Created in response to the EMT and paramedic shortage, CARE Ambulance Service School of Paramedicine addresses the financial and professional limits for education. The entire spectrum of Emergency Medical Care education can be found at both the main facility in Columbus, OH, as well as the many satellite offices and divisions of Care Ambulance. EMT, EMT-I, and Paramedic training is available.
Learn more - Contact Steve Hemby at 334-291-0039 ext. 22
Care Ambulance
News Analysis
After two FDNY EMTs were accused of refusing to help a dying pregnant woman earlier this month, the responders claim they were asked only to summon an ambulance and not provide treatment, according to their lawyer. While the FDNY case is still under investigation, Wake County EMS Chief Skip Kirkwood reminds us of steps to take as providers if we don't have the means to help a patient, and what managers can do in such a situation. Full Story
News and Announcements
Off-duty NY EMT saves police officer

First case of highly drug-resistant TB found in US

Ga. county to upgrade 911 system

Pa. ER wait times posted online

Press Releases:
How to Save Your Own Life
[Act Fast]

Bio Shield Technologies Breakthrough Antimicrobial Coating System
[Bio Shield Technologies]
Featured Member Comment
"Remember when the President condemned a police officer in Cambridge, Mass., before he had all of the facts? Let's wait until the investigation is over. If they did what is alleged then yes, by all means, fire them. If not, let them get back to work. Having been the victim of a totally false accusation (I was later fully cleared when video of the incident from a highway camera proved my innocence), I know how damaging these things are."
Assess & Rehabilitate with the Firefighter REHAB Tag
In support of our nation's first responders and NFPA 1584, Disaster Management Systems has developed the first complete approach to incident rehabilitation. The new "Firefighter REHAB tag" documents each of the nine recommended steps needed to ensure effective rehabilitation. For electronic tracking, this tag also features an I.D. number with a corresponding larger, easy-to-read barcode.
See how the REHAB tag quickly enables effective treatment
Disaster Management Systems
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Everyday EMS Tips
Pharmacology Study Tips
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Columnist
How do you learn the names and effects of drugs? Whether you choose flashcards or mnemonic devices, learning as much as you can about different drugs will separate you from the professional pack. Follow these tips and over time you'll be able to build an enviable database of pharmaceutical knowledge. Full Article

Line-of-duty Death
Name: Paul Holmes
Date: Dec. 28
City: Douglas, Ga.
Cause: Paul Holmes died on Monday from injuries caused by an ambulance crash. Full Report
Learn How to Treat Patients Exposed to Hazardous Materials
Join over 10,000 medical professionals who have learned to treat patients exposed to hazardous materials. Learn to rapidly assess patients, recognize signs and symptoms, and use the Poisoning Treatment Paradigm. Take the AHLS Provider and Instructor course at the University of Arizona this spring in Tucson, AZ, March 8-10, 2010.
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POV Warning Lights
Posted by Keith Brody
I’m curious what people would recommend for warning lights. I need to cross one or two 'major' roads and my town doesn't allow sirens ... More

From the Forum

ID Bands on Athletes
Posted by P.J. Rabice

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