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EMS1 April 1 Newsletter
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Welcome to The Star of Strife, a new newsletter dedicated to hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering the hidden stories shaping EMS. In this edition, read about a dog owner's legal action against those doggone ambulance sirens, and check out the latest research on a promising new antiarrhythmic.

Also, be sure to share our preparedness tips for the coming oxygen shortage
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The EMS1 Team
Shocking News
Man suing for emotional distress caused to his dogs by sirens
A Calif. man is looking to ban emergency vehicles from passing his house because his dogs begin howling as the activated lights and siren pass. Video of Joe and King
FDNY to test yellow cab EMS model to shorten response times
FDNY EMS plans to train hundreds of city cab drivers in basic first aid and CPR and outfit their vehicles with GPS, an AED and specialized emergency lighting. "No lights are necessary"
Vegas ambulance company to offer betting during transports
City Rescue Ambulance Paramedics anticipates that the first betting kiosks should be installed by the end of the summer, bringing in much-needed revenue. "CRAP in and CRAP out"
Heart-Stopping Commentary
Researchers unveil promising new antiarrhythmic
A new study says the "poised finger" technique is safer, more effective and more beneficial than the antiarrhythmic therapy currently in use. Reach for the PRINT button
Even More News

 NREMT announces new, easier exam
 Minn. mayor supplies inflatable ambulance 'fleet'
 Prepare for looming oxygen shortage
 New medications to reduce incidence of alcohol abuse
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