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In this edition, we take a close look at new 25-pocket tactical pants that give EMS providers unlimited capacity and how one department's therapy cat is adding stress rather than lessening it.

Did you recently order an EMSEats meal? Our exclusive examines why the food delivery service was shut down. Also, don't forget to read about why an EMT instructor was shamed from his classroom and why a reunion between two paramedics and a teenager was less than enthusiastic.
EMS1 Team
25-pocket tactical pants drive up demand for useless sh&t to carry
When given the choice between more education and pants with unlimited capacity, tactical pants win with millennial rescuers.
Best-selling product
Department's first therapy cat just makes things worse
Instead of relieving stress, the Crisis After-action Team protocol is having the opposite effect, while leading to infected wounds and severe dermatitis.
Therapeutic value
EMSEats ambulance meal delivery service flops after rash of disappearing meals
The CAD-integrated application assured rapid meal delivery to 911 callers and promised increased revenue for underutilized ambulances.
Huge disappointment
EMT instructor runs out of 'You'll never believe this stories,' shamed from classroom
EMT students say they learn best from war stories which prepare them for the metaphorical medical zebras they are likely to encounter in rural Montana.
'We can't learn'
Ambulance crew taken on harrowing ride, police chase
New AEDs give constant praise and 'warm fuzzies' to millennial rescuers
Stethoscope calibration needs to be done monthly
Partner unsure how long EMT plans to drink from Big Gulp cup in cab
Ungrateful teen meets paramedics that delivered him
It was the first delivery for paramedics Mac Donald and Chris Williams.
'I wish I was never born that day'
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