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How Can EMTs Monitor and Enhance Patient Satisfaction?
Ever see a problem at work and want to come up with a solution? That's what former EMT and Feedback Innovations co-founder Michael Flanagan did. Flanagan explains how his company's patient satisfaction surveys were engineered and the benefits to patients and agencies.
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Do You Know High-Quality CPR?
Do you know how many chest compression you should deliver each minute while performing CPR? How about the recommended compression depth? Take the quiz and find out.
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EMS and the evolution of first aid training
By Arthur Hsieh, EMS1 Columnist
EMS providers need to be involved in educating communities in how to provide the initial response to critically injured patients.
Strengthening the EMS system
What EMS providers need to know about fentanyl exposure
By Greg Friese, EMS1 Editor-in-Chief
An event at EMS World covered steps to avoid accidental fentanyl exposure during scene size-up, patient care and investigation.
Nitrile, single-use examination gloves
What would you tell your 21-year-old EMS self?
By EMS1 Staff
Despite some respondents telling their younger selves to seek alternate employment, most had unique insight for their rookie selves from years on the job.
"Find a support system early on"
EKG case: Why is a two-week chest pain complaint now an emergency?
Quiz: How to teach capnography to EMS providers
310 Video: New FOX series ‘911’ focuses on first responders
130 3 tricks to stop smartphone videographers at EMS incidents
98 Bret Michaels offers free concert tickets to Las Vegas responders
96 Dispatch crew honored for work during 53-vehicle pileup
86 Lawsuit claims police delayed CPR attempts for hanged man
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