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Panasonic Toughbook with Lifetime Support Starting at $249
Tough Rugged Laptops is offering Panasonic Toughbook laptops starting at $249. Available with Windows 7/8, 3G/4G LTE, Ultra-fast SSD hard drives & more! Every order comes with Life-Time Tech Support so call 800-441-9165 or order online today!
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Simplify Your Time Sensitive Emergencies
With Pulsara, EMS is a fully integrated member of any care team. Eliminate radio reports, transmit ECGs, securely message the team, and get instant patient feedback. All a tap away.

Stop wasting time (and tissue)
12-Lead ECG case: Is this a STEMI?
By Dawn B. Altman, EMS1 Contributor
Review the subtle signs of an acute ST-elevation MI with this case of a man presenting with "heavy" chest pain.
What to look for
What the ALPS trial results show
By Jeff Poland, EMS1 Contributor
The trial pitted amiodarone against lidocaine with a saline control group for the termination of shock-resistant ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.
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What's the weirdest 911 call you've ever received?
By EMS1 Staff
A 911 dispatcher and trainer shared one call in which she and her crew were chased with a machete upon arrival.
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Wrestling with a patient to get the cop's gun back
By Stephen A. Penn, EMS1 Contributor
A scene two EMS providers thought was "safe" turned out to be much worse than the terrible weather outside.
What happened
What to consider when choosing your first EMT job
There are pros and cons to working in a big and small organization; which do you prefer?
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Stroke patient assessment and management
How to recognize and treat special seizures
912 SC firefighter-paramedic mistakenly drafted into NFL
744 NJ cops train to become EMTs
178 Official: Getting high on Imodium dangerous, growing in popularity
146 EMS guide to 'Star Wars': 8 injuries and how to treat them
115 Who wins when paramedics fight BLS use of an ALS intervention?
How to make community paramedicine work for your agency, Part I
Assess your community's needs and your agency's resources to make a case for launching a community paramedicine program.
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