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EMS Compass Initiative: Creating measurements to improve EMS systems

The EMS Compass Initiative is a national initiative to improve EMS systems of care by developing meaningful performance measurements. Funded by the NHTSA and led by NASEMSO, EMS leaders from the across the country have been working on ways to use National EMS Information System data in a way that local and state EMS agencies can meaningfully interpret to measure and improve how they operate.

Exclusive Coverage

  State officials hear lessons learned, next steps for performance measure initiative. Full Story
  EMS agencies are invited to test and comment on proposed measures for stroke patient assessment, care and transport. Full Story
  Stroke patient assessment, care and transport are focus of the first four EMS Compass measures. Full Story
  10 webinars, led by an expert on each of the measurement domains, engaged EMS providers and received input from the community. Full Story
  The EMS Compass Initiative kicked off with two open webinars. Full Story
  Learn how this national project will improve systems of care through the development of system outcomes, benchmarks, and processes. Full Story
  NASEMSO launched a two-year effort to research and publish a set of measures that EMS agencies can use to gauge their own performance. Full Story

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