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EMS Today 2015: In-depth conference coverage

Bringing you show coverage, including exclusive features, the latest products, session roundups, Tweets and more!

Exclusive Coverage

Keynote speaker Gordon Graham on EMS decision making EMS providers need to be more aware of and train regularly for high risk-low frequency events Full Story
Why are we giving epinephrine to cardiac arrest patients? Epi, a long-time staple of ACLS, does not improve neurologically intact survival and may even harm the patient Full Story
Improving your psychological response to pediatric resuscitation Prepare ahead of time to eliminate from your care of critically ill children 'slow' responses that require greater thought Full Story
Federal initiatives support every EMS system Presenters from the NHTSA office of EMS discuss military medic to civilian EMS, development of evidence-based EMS guidelines, and ground ambulance crash data Full Story
An introduction to the EMS Compass Initiative The national project will create a meaningful process to measure EMS systems and improve performance across systems Full Story
Surfing the capnography waveform Jon Puryear presented an engaging and hands-on session that stressed understanding normal waveforms to recognize what’s abnormal Full Story
Strategies to reduce medication errors Medication administration cross check is a simple and easy to implement process to reduce medication errors Full Story
Who are LA's frequent EMS users? Frequent users are better defined as 'vulnerable adults' and EMS has an opportunity to connect them to available community resources Full Story
How to improve CPR survival rates Focus on delivering the interventions that matter for better patient outcomes Full Story
Why do kids faint? Syncope is common and can be a warning sign of a structural or electrical abnormality in the heart that may cause sudden death Full Story

Product Coverage

Pediatric ambulance restraints unveiled by Quantum EMS Solutions The adjustable ACR-4 and BABY ACR harnesses are designed for the safe restraint of children and infants during transports. Full Story
SuctionShield aims to limit contamination The oral suction tip holster is designed to provide infection control for patients and providers. Full Story
Onspot announces automatic tire chain kit for ambulance The kit is designed for the Sprinter chassis with VB air suspension. Full Story
Red Cross launches BLS course for health care providers The course can be tailored to meet specific training needs. Full Story
eCloudPCR debuts cross-platform PCR software The electronic patient care reporting product moved out of closed beta and is now available to the public. Full Story
3 innovative products showcased at EMS Today The Podmedic highlights three of his favorite products from EMS Today 2015 Full Story

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