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2014 Year in Review

With 2014 coming to a close, we look back on some of the biggest stories and issues from EMS in the past 12 months. Read accounts of the year's most memorable incidents in our features from those in the field, enjoy expert commentary from our columnists and watch some of the best videos from this year.


Top 10 EMS stories of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we take a look back over the past 12 months to identify the top news stories of the year. Ebola and the Ferguson, Mo. protests were fresh in our minds, and both brought the challenges our industry faces into the national light. We also highlighted the five-week search for bodies when a mudslide devastated a Washington state town, and we reviewed other notable events that stood out during the year.

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Exclusive Coverage

What 2014 EMS development changes mean for EMS in 2015 By Greg Friese
Policies on Narcan, backboards, community paramedince, infectious disease training, EMS assaults and more will play significant role in the evolution of EMS. Full Story
Spinal immobilization: Has it gone the way of dial-up internet? By Art Hsieh
With studies showing spinal immobilization often does more harm than good, more agencies will adopt policies limiting backboards in 2015. Full Story
How EMS can help end distracted driving in 2015 By Greg Friese
Most Americans know texting and driving is dangerous but do it anyway. As EMS providers we witness the danger and carnage of distracted driving nearly every day, but we can also change peoples' behavior by educating children. Full Story
How EMS can be the voice of courage for one another By Kelly Grayson
When depression or PTSD sets in, peer support is the lifeline that never fails. Full Story

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10 gift ideas for EMTs We’ve rounded up a bundle of our favorite products that make perfect presents or stocking stuffers for the EMS providers on your list Full Story

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Perspectives From the Field



Medics reminded to remain vigilant after NYPD fatal shooting
The retaliation killing of two police officers has sent a shock wave through all of public safety, including EMS.



How one rural EMS agency shines at innovative patient care
Volunteer and paid EMTs in remote area of Texas provide an expanded scope of practice through advanced prolonged critical care transport and community paramedince.



Opinion: No on-duty or in-uniform social network posts
The public is influenced by what they see and impacted by the perception created by our photos.



Medic describes anger, heartbreak of Ferguson riots
Christian Hospital EMS paramedic Katie Keeter shares some of her thoughts and experiences while working in Ferguson, Mo. during the riots and protests since August 2014.

EMS withholding care based on religion is preposterous
EMS provider's duty to act is unequivocal, unmitigated, and unconditional.

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