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EMS Today 2014: In-depth conference coverage

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Exclusive Coverage

Crash tests to shape ambulances of future With the 2015 retirement of the KKK specifications, companies are using safety crash tests and ergonomic studies to develop new standards and designs. Full Story
How to build a community paramedicine program Research the needs of your community and partner with other health care agencies to shape a program around solving a shared goal. Full Story
Keynote: Dr. Garza tells how EMS must evolve To avoid extinction, EMS needs to embrace community paramedicine, value-based purchasing and look for innovative ways to improve services. Full Story
Resuscitation training ups survival rates The half-day Resuscitation Academy session was a great reminder that high performance CPR is hard work Full Story
4 tips for attendees From getting around on the Metro to remembering to pack a snack, here's some practical ways to make the most of your trip to the annual conference. Full Story
Event highlights not to miss Unique offerings include an interactive exhibit featuring "anything and everything" you need to know about an MCI, to a CPR workshop from Resuscitation Academy. Full Story

Product Coverage

5 things to know when buying EMS education products An educational product is only as good as the hands you put it in, so carefully consider your teaching methods. Full Story

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