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EMS1 Year in Review 2012

With 2012 coming to a close, we look back on some of the biggest stories and issues from EMS in the past 12 months. Read accounts of the year's most memorable incidents in our first-person features, enjoy expert commentary from our columnists and watch some of the best videos from the world of EMS in 2012. 


Top 10 EMS videos of 2012 Whether it's an act of bravery, saving a life, or even an unexpected animal bite, 2012 saw a wide range of EMS videos. Like being a paramedic or an EMT, these videos show that no day is typical, and that couldn't be more true for 2012. Full Story

Exclusive Coverage

The good, the bad and the ugly of 2012 By Kelly Grayson
I spent the days preceding the predicted Mayan Apocalypse telling my supervisors what I really thought of them, and preparing to face the end of days with the love of my life, Christina Hendricks, by my side. Full Story
Exciting new EMS devices for 2013 By Mike McEvoy
Great minds have been hard at work throughout 2012. Expect the New Year to bring some exciting new EMS devices that could significantly change your practice. Full Story
Top 10 EMS products of 2012 By Dan White
Over the past 12 months, several new devices have hit the market that could be a mainstay for providers in the years to come. Full Story
5 things we learned in EMS in 2012 By Art Hsieh
Despite the fact that the world didn't end as predicted on December 21, there were still some fairly significant developments that occurred in EMS during 2012. Full Story
Excellence in EMS: Have we done our best? By Tom Bouthillet
Most people would be happy in a high-functioning organization that "does their best" and has high expectations of themselves and their staff. Yet, it's so rare to find an EMS system like that. Full Story
Top 5 answers that could save your EMS career By David Givot
"If the patient referred to 'the Big Butt Lady,' why shouldn't I refer to 'the Big Butt Lady' in my report?" Well, let's see... Full Story

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Best of 2012

First-Person Perspective Series



How I survived internal decapitation – and got to thank those who saved me
A year after Rachel Bailey severed her skull from her spine during a car accident, she got to meet her rescuers in September to say, 'Thank you.'

Surrounded by Detroit gunfire: The night our ambulance broke down
Wisam R Zeineh recalls the moment he and his partner were trapped in a broken-down ambulance as almost constant gunfire rang out around them in Detroit on New Year's Eve.
The Olympic torchbearer: How friendship was forged from London bombings
When a woman injured in the 7/7 bombings was unable to carry the Olympic Torch for the summer ceremonies, she asked the medic who saved her to step in.
A deputy's save: Dramatic rescue at fiery crash scene
Deputy Mark Empting recalls the rescue — captured on dash cam — of a woman trapped in her car moments before it burst into flames.
The brute force save: How we lifted a car off trapped man
Damon Simmons looks back at a call in January when firefighters had to use brute strength to lift up a 3,200-pound car and free a man pinned under it.

Top EMS photos of 2012

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