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Special Report: Patient handling tools and techniques

Despite all of the advances in technology and medical knowledge in EMS, one of our baseline functions is still to move patients around. To that end, it's surprising how little attention we pay to lifting and moving patients. In this in-depth report, we put patient handling devices under the microscope.

Exclusive Coverage

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What if patients came with handles? No matter what tool or device you use, you are still the ultimate tool. As a responder you must get your body set to complete the task. However, products can help reduce injury and make our jobs easier — we just have to use them and use them correctly. Full Story
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Featured Survey

In early November of 2012, EMS1 presented responders with a survey on patient handling. Read up on the results.

Featured Video

Challenge: Stair Climb.
See EZ LIFT Rescue System in action, lifting a patient from ground to gurney and carrying both up and down stairs.

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