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EMS1 2011 Year in Review

As 2011 comes to a close, we reflect on the biggest EMS stories and issues of the year. Check out some of the best and most striking images and videos of the year, and don't forget to see if your most unforgettable call made it onto our list of Facebook fans' calls of the year!


The most popular EMS videos of 2011 Video is playing an increasingly important role in public safety. From capturing close call incidents to recording remarkable rescues, responders are being put in the spotlight more than ever before. And let's not forget the EMS oddities that are being caught on camera, too. Check out some of the highlights. Full Story

Exclusive Coverage

5 things EMS must do in 2012 By Art Hsieh
Is it me, or do the years seem to be getting shorter? It feels like we move from one headline story to the next, hardly pausing to consider the impact of such events to our current or future situation. Full Story
Father Time on life support in 2011 By Mike McEvoy
What a year 2011 turned out to be. Many disaster drills were preempted by actual disasters, quite often achieving epic magnitudes: earthquakes, a tsunami, floods, a nuclear meltdown — all requiring herculean mitigation efforts. Full Story
How EMS systems are changing for the better By Tom Bouthillet
More and more systems are collecting data and optimizing their approach to sudden cardiac arrest through public education, public access AED programs, minimally interrupted chest compressions, controlled ventilations, therapeutic hypothermia, and early recognition of STEMI. Full Story
The year of Occupy EMS Jim Upchurch
Is there an Occupy EMS movement? Yep and it has existed ever since early humans took possession of the care provided to their ill or injured in the field. Full Story

Top EMS photos of 2011

Highlights of 2011, looking ahead to 2012

EMS New Year's Resolutions for 2012
I resolve that whenever dispatch asks us if we'd like the Fire Department to respond with us to wreck scenes, I will stop answering with, "Why, is the patient on fire?"
Top 10 new EMS products of 2011
2011 was an exciting year full of technological advances in EMS. Many highly sophisticated new devices were introduced, each taking years to develop. It has been pretty amazing, with so many new high-technology devices coming out in a single year.
My most memorable response: The Lady Gaga call
Crystal Thornton couldn't wait to see Lady Gaga at Bridgestone Arena in April. Then she "died." She was clinically dead for 10 minutes before paramedics were able to revive her at the arena.
The monster wave: My off-duty jet ski rescue
The waves went from a beginner day to the upper echelon of surfing ability. That's where it goes all wrong very quickly. I had borrowed a jet ski for the day and saw a surfer who looked in trouble. I decided to give it a go.

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