Paramedic recounts saving newborn left on doorstep

Police said the 13-year-old girl did not know she was pregnant until she gave birth

By EMS1 Staff

BAKER, La. — A paramedic said he's never encountered anything like finding a newborn baby left on a doorstep in his 25-year career. reported that a 13-year-old gave birth and dropped the baby off on her neighbor's doorstep.

"It was alarming," Kendall Washington, a paramedic for Baton Rouge EMS, said.

Washington and his partner were the first to arrive on scene; police said the girl did not know she was pregnant until she gave birth. Police said the girl birthed the baby herself and then "tried her best to clean it up."

"I have kids of my own," Washington said. "And my real concern was what kind of condition is he gonna be in."

The baby was taken to a hospital and is going to be OK.

"[I hope] he gets an opportunity to do great things, even though his life didn't start out the best," Washington said.

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