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How much longer will Detroit EMS be in crisis?

Is there no one in Detroit who can help EMS innovate through tough financial times?

Editor's note: Detroit EMS is being criticized for allegedly not responding to a 9-year-old's fatal fall.

We've reported on the plight of Detroit EMS before. Here's yet another report where that city's public safety net is coming apart at the seams.

It's hard not to take this personally — Detroit has known for a very long time that the system is broken and its providers are frustrated and angry over their inability to provide service.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that tragic events like this one will continue to escalate, and more shame will befall the Detroit service.

EMS has to be innovative in tough financial times (heck, even in good times). Is there no one in Detroit who can make that happen?

Let's hope that these cases will get somebody to step up and prevent any further erosion of the safety net.

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