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Inside EMS Podcast: What does the EMS leader of tomorrow look like?

Chris and Kelly also talk about why violence against medics should be a felony

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In this week's Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss Las Vegas EMS and AMR's ongoing patient transport policy feud.

"It's amazing how a guarantee of more money and future revenue seem to solve all these philosophical problems," Kelly said. "We're in an era where public employees are having to justify their worth to the taxpayers. If they don't think you're behaving like grown ups, the next time you go to them with your hand out, they're most likely to say no."

They also talk about the startling trend of violence toward paramedics and EMTs.

"We're starting to see more instances where EMS professionals file a lawsuit or laws making it a serious misdemeanor or felony to attack emergency service professionals," Kelly said. "We’re starting to see a shift where we don’t accept that."

In the clinical issue, Chris and Kelly discuss what would happen if paramedics and EMTs were allowed to carry guns on duty.

"I am not convinced that we should be armed inside those ambulances," Chris said. "The first time a paramedic shoots somebody, it's going to change the game of EMS forever."

Kelly counters Chris' argument with comparing it to a derivative of the blood in the streets argument.

They also interview Ray Barishansky, Connecticut's EMS Director, on what the EMS leader of tomorrow looks like.

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