Medic admits to stealing pain meds, pleads for second chance

A hearing will determine if he will get to keep his fire department job after he tearfully admitted to a prescription drug addiction after developing kidney stones

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A paramedic who received a year of probation after admitting he stole drugs from an ambulance hopes to stay on with the South Bend Fire Department.

“I’m asking for a second chance,” Timothy Greenlee, 39, said during a South Bend Board of Public Safety hearing to determine if he should be fired.

The state has revoked his EMT and paramedic licenses, but he is appealing it, reports.

Greenlee admitted to taking Fentanyl from an ambulance safe, and replacing the medication with saline solution. In tears, he testified that he had a prescription drug addiction after developing kidney stone.

 “The only thing I thought about was getting pain medication,” he said. “…I withdrew from everyone and started doing things I shouldn’t have.”

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