VeinViewer Flex projects HD image of vasculature

Device uses near-infrared light to distinguish between tissue and blood vessels; showing the way for difficult IV access situations

The Christie VeinViewer Flex is a vein-finding device that projects a high-definition (HD) image of a patient’s vein directly onto the surface of the skin, allowing paramedics to see blood vessel patterns up to 15 mm deep. 

The VeinViewer Flex is designed to assist paramedics in difficult intravenous (IV) access situations that require administering IV fluids and medications during emergency situations. 

The VeinViewer uses harmless, near-infrared light, which is absorbed by hemoglobin in the patient’s blood and reflected by surrounding tissue. VeinViewer captures that information, processes it and projects a real-time, HD image of the patient’s veins directly on the surface of the skin.

(Image Christie)
(Image Christie)

Visit the Christie VeinViewer Flex website for more information.

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