Girl leaves touching gifts on ambulance for EMS crew

Jenny Thomas, 8, was given a certificate by the Welsh Ambulance Service after leaving water bottles and candies for an EMS crew while they were away

By EMS1 Staff

CARMARTHEN, Wales — A young girl was recognized for her kind actions after leaving anonymous gifts for an EMS crew on their ambulance.

Wales Online reported that Welsh Ambulance Service EMT Michelle Evans was part of a crew that was received an anonymous surprise on their ambulance after they returned from unloading a patient at a hospital.

“It was a very busy and hot day, and we had just taken a patient into A&E when we came out to find a bottle of water each and sweets stuck to the windshield of the ambulance,” Evans said. “It was such a lovely gesture, it was so unexpected; we’ve never had that done for us before.”

The act of kindness was shared on Twitter more than 150 times after Evans posted it in the hopes of finding the person who gave them the gifts.

Twitter user Helen Thomas responded and said she was at the hospital with her 8-year-old daughter, Jenny, when they saw how hard the crew was working.

“Eight-year-old Jenny said it was so hot that she wanted you to be hydrated. She left some for police too. Hope you had a good shift,” Thomas said.

"We were discussing the importance of the emergency services and how hard they work, and I said how busy they were going to be this weekend as it was a holiday, and they’d probably be working all day and may not get a break,” Thomas added. “Jenny wanted to do something to help so we got a crate of water and some Jelly Babies and put them on as many emergency services vehicles that we could find.”

Thomas said Jenny was awarded with a certificate by the EMS agency “to say thank you.”

“It was great for her to have that encouragement that what she did really helped them,” Thomas said. “Obviously, because she’s my daughter I think she’s great already, but the paramedics were just so shocked that such a young girl could be so generous.”


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