Uniformed hero: Turtle rescuer

A former paramedic and rescue diver saved two sea turtles from certain death during his holiday trip to Nicaragua

By Rebecca Volent

While enjoying his holiday on Little Corn Island, off the coast of Nicaragua, British rescue diver and former paramedic Chris Skone-Roberts came across a horrifying scene. He found two large sea turtles, with their fins tied up, left on their backs to suffocate and die outside of a bar.

“Sometimes you are faced with a situation so outrageous that you have no other choice than to intervene and right a wrong,” said Skone-Roberts. He tried to pour some water on them, but a lady stopped him, claiming that they were hers. She most likely wanted to sell their meat on the black market. He notified the police about this illegal activity, but while he waited, he decided to take action. He rounded up a group of people to initiate a rescue plan, reported the Daily Mail.

Former paramedic works to save two sea turtles. (Vimeo screenshot)
Former paramedic works to save two sea turtles. (Vimeo screenshot)

“These poor creatures are endangered enough, but to leave them to die like this was inhumane so we had to act,” he explains.  

For a half an hour, the newly formed rescue team poured buckets of water on the turtles to help revive them. By the time the police arrived, the turtles were breathing once again. They then hauled the turtles onto carts to be taken back to the sea. They kept the turtles on their backs to ensure they wouldn‘t struggle and injure themselves.

With the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society aiding them, rescuers allowed the turtles to get used to the water before cutting their ties. Once they did, the sea turtles swam out to sea.

Unfortunately, the popularity of sea turtle meat is threatening this already endangered species. In Nicaragua alone, an estimated 35,000 sea turtles are being killed each year. Luckily for these two sea turtles, Skone-Roberts and his crew were there to save the day.

View videos of the incident on Skone-Roberts video channel.

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