FFs feed emergency crews during Hurricane Dorian

Florida firefighters are making an estimated 1,300 meals to feed more than 500 people a day

By News Staff 

STUART, Fla. — Florida first responders are helping to cook more than 1,300 meals a day at the Martin County Emergency Operations Center.

Martin Fire Rescue firefighters are each channeling their inner-chef to feed first responders who are working around the clock during Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, Treasure Coast Newspapers reported. Officials contracted Fire House Catering, a company owned by retired Fire Rescue Capt. Scott Schlawiedt, to oversee food services operations. 

Schlawiedt is working with two executive chefs, Capt. Shawn Lisowy and Capt. Kelly Taylor from Martin Fire Rescue. 

"It's very important. Our staff working in there have given up their time with their family and spending time making sure that their families are safe during the storm," Schlawiedt said. "Why not give them something that they don't have to worry about preparing a meal and bringing it here?"

According to Schlawiedt, first responders have thrown away homemade food in favor of the buffet prepared by these firefighters-turned-chefs. 

"We've gotten a tremendous amount of ‘Thank you, we are so happy with the food.’ Everybody has been so appreciative of what we're doing," he said. "And, word is getting out about the quality of the food and how good it tastes.

The catering company has an approximate budget of $10,000 to serve 410 people for three meals a day, plus another 100 people that work the night shift. 

The group begins cooking at 5:00 a.m. and it’s because of the comradery they’re able to keep going.

“It’s been fun only because of the crew we’re working with has been delightful,” Lisowy said. “We’re pretty much trying to take a nap here and there, but it’s taking all of us to make it happen.”

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