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Video: Seattle 'superhero' helps save overdose victim

Phoenix Jones and other "superheroes" called 911 when they noticed the man convulsing on the street

By David Nelson
Seattle PI

SEATTLE — What appeared to be a typical scene for Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones turned into a scene filled with false accusations by friends of a man who laid shirtless on a Capitol Hill sidewalk. Early Saturday morning, Seattle Superheroes Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Boomer, Grif Grey, and cameraman Ryan McNamee were patrolling in Capitol Hill where they saw a shirtless man holding his face and surrounded by fully-clothed men near Broadway and E. Pike St.

Video shows the superheroes approach the scene, and friends of the shirtless man lay him down on their laps on the sidewalk while he appeared to be having convulsions. An apparent friend of the shirtless man accused Phoenix Jones and the other superheroes of pepper spraying the shirtless man near the 1:14 mark of the video.

The same man who accused the superheroes of pepper spraying him asked the superheroes if they sprayed him, proving that he had no knowledge of, or witnessed Phoenix Jones or any of the other superheroes pepper spray the shirtless man at the 1:37 mark. According to statements in the video and my conversation with Phoenix Jones, they did not pepper spray the man.

Full story: Phoenix Jones and crew approach a convulsing man in the midst of false accusations

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