Mother dies after 'excessive' Coke drinking

She drank up to 10 liters of Coca Cola every day for years

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INVERCARGILL, New Zealand — A mother-of-eight died from heart problems after guzzling up to 10 litres of Coca Cola every day for years, a coroner has concluded.

Invercargill mum Natasha Harris, 31, died in her home after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia, likely brought on by a soft-drink habit described by her family as "an addiction", the coroner's report stated. Her Coke drinking - estimated by coroner David Crerar to be between six litres and 10 litres every day - had caused her to have several teeth removed after they became rotten, and at least one of her children to be born without enamel on their teeth.

Her long-term partner, Christopher Hodgkinson, estimated Natasha consumed four 2.25 litre bottles of Coke a day. She was said to drink no other beverage than Coke, and to display withdrawal symptoms if she went without.

Full story: Mum, 31, died after 'excessive' Coca Cola intake - coroner

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