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Woman bitten by dog, has legs and fingers amputated

Contracting a rare bacteria from her pet's saliva, some of her limbs turned black and blue


AUSTIN, Texas — Looking through photos of Robin Sullins, here mom and brother say it's easy to see she's a positive person who's full of life, and someone who loves dogs. On Christmas Day, the 48-year-old was bitten on her finger and leg by a family member's dog. Two days later she went to the hospital after feeling extremely sick.

"By late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, she was pretty much on life support. We're talking respirator, dialysis, feeding tube, being kept alive." said her mom, Carole Wilson.

She adds that Robin's hands and feet had turned black and blue. Days later the decision was made to amputate her legs below the knees and nearly all her fingers.

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