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Workout close-call is health reminder for medics

Editor's note: A recent article out of Naples, Fla., describes how firefighters revived one of their comrades (a paramedic), who collapsed after his daily workout.

Last April, I saw a story that prompted me to try to lose some of my excess weight (translation: fat) and improve my overall health. Seeing this story today reminded me that six months have gone by and it's a good time to check on my progress. Short answer: Well, the results aren't pretty. I've lost 8 pounds overall, although I've fluctuated about 5 pounds in both directions. My cardio health still sucks, and trying to find time to do something about it has been the devil. So, sorta fail.

Yet a story like this serves as a sobering reminder that I still have to do it. I want to be able to be happy in retirement, and not spend my older years in and out of medical care. If you are like me, I know that you know how important it is to find the time to make good health happen. So, I'm getting back on track to do more for myself. How about you?

If you're one of the folks who have made a successful transition to better health, I'd love to hear how you did it — please comment below! Share your success with the rest of us who are trying to make it happen!

I'm glad the firefighter who collapsed did well, at the hands of his crew members. If there was ever a moment of good timing, combined with immediate response, that would be it. Let's hope that other situations like this turn out the same way.

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