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Off-duty EMT helps save firefighter struck by lightning

The off-duty firefighter was hit at a soccer game, and early CPR played a part in his survival; he is in critical condition

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The quick actions of bystanders and an off-duty EMT helped keep an off-duty firefighter alive after he was struck by lighting and went into cardiac arrest at a soccer game.

Lt. Stu Tudor of the Columbus Fire Department was struck by a bolt in the parking lot of Crew Stadium Saturday night while attending a game to help raise money for a charity event, ABC reports

Off-duty EMT Adrienne DeLeon had just arrived at the game with her father, when she heard the loud crack and saw a group of people gathered around Tudor. Someone had already started chest compressions, and DeLeon took over until EMS arrived. She helped establish an airway before he was transported to the hospital.

“People jumped into action right away and it was from that point forward kind of a group effort,” DeLeon said. “And that’s one thing I hope this family really knows, is that there were people here for him.”

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