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Former firefighter uses CPR to save heart attack victim

The firefighter said he had to shock the 33-year old victim twice before the man's heart started beating again


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Al Salcedo was enjoying a bankers meeting in Minneapolis along with his wife Lisa when a situation developed in the meeting room.

A man was down, unconscious and people around him were asking if there was a Doctor in the crowd. Salcedo is former firefighter and his training kicked in. "I quickly determined that he didn't have a pulse," explained Salcedo in an interview with WOWT6 News. "I rolled him back over and started CPR."

Salcedo asked if anyone else in the crowd of 220 people had CPR training but there was no response. "I requested the staff if they had an AED. They did and they promptly got it to me."

Full story: Former Firefighter Uses CPR To Save A Life

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