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Video: Former D.C. Lt. speaks of failure to help dying man

Lt. Kellene Davis: "If I had known someone was in distress across the street, I would have been over there immediately"

WASHINGTON — A D.C. fire lieutenant gave her first extensive interview after failing to help a man dying from a heart attack across the street from her fire station.

WJLA reported that D.C. Fire Lt. Kellene Davis, who went before a trial board before she retired last month, insisted that by the time she found out what was going on, the ambulance was already there.

“If I had known someone was in distress across the street, I would have been over there immediately,” Lt. Davis said. I had no idea that someone was actually having a heart attack. I am basically disturbed by what had transpired and the fact that Cecil Mills lost his life and I wish that help could have been given, rendered to him sooner.”

Another firefighter claims he went to Davis' bunk room and told her about the incident across the street, according to the report. Lt. Davis says she asked for an address, but never received one, according to the report.

However, attorney Donna Rucker says if this is true, it would constitute a glaring omission from the city’s report.

"If you are going to look at the fact that she said, 'Get me an address,' whether people find that to be an appropriate comment or not, the ultimate question is did that particular comment result in a delay for help or assistance? I think the Mills family would like to know that it did not," Rucker said.

The department said Lt. Davis failed to write up the incident and did not tell her superior, according to the report. This is when she was brought up on neglect-of-duty charges, but retired before punishment could be issued.

Lt. Davis expressed condolences to the Mills family, and wants people to know that she's "not a monster."

"I feel bad because that's not how I am," she said.

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