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Plane held for man visiting dying mom

The man's flight from Calif. was delayed, but flight officials made sure to hold the aircraft in Texas where his mother was

By Genevieve Shaw Brown
ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO — A flight delay nearly cost a man the chance to see his dying mother one last time. But On Jan. 24, employees at United Airlines didn't let that happen.

Kerry Drake's mother was dying. As first reported on Elliott.org, his brother called him to say the time had come. Drake caught the next flight - UA 667, the airline told ABC News - from San Francisco to Lubbock, Texas, with a short 40-minute layover in Houston. The flight from Houston to Lubbock was the last flight that day. He knew it was a risk, but needed to get to his mother as soon as possible.

But the first leg of the flight was delayed because of weather in Boston, where the aircraft was coming from, the airline said.

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