6 reasons to take the EMS Trend Report survey

Data collection for the 2021 EMS Trend Report closes on February 15. Show up to contribute to the future of our profession

The annual EMS Trend Report seeks to identify and understand the forces impacting EMS services at all levels, and across all sizes and types of organizations. The 2021 EMS Trend Report survey marks the sixth year of a collaboration between Fitch & Associates, the National EMS Management Association and EMS1 to measure the attitudes and opinions of field providers, supervisors, chiefs and medical directors. Each year, the results of the survey are reported to the industry at the Pinnacle EMS conference and a series of articles.

If you have already completed the 2021 survey, accept my thanks and appreciation. I am especially grateful if you have encouraged your colleagues, including your EMS medical director, to complete the survey.

[Complete the 2021 EMS Trend Report survey now]

If you are on the fence about completing the survey here are six reasons you should:

1. One of a kind survey and report

The EMS Trend Report is the only effort of its kind to broadly assess the state of our profession, across all service types and level of licensure. The survey looks at the trends of how our profession is changing over time. Participating every year gives detail and richness to how we see our profession now and project its future.

2. Responses inform training and policy

EMS leaders, including media site editors and conference organizers, use the results of the EMS Trend Report to plan and prioritize training delivery, article topics and discussion sessions. For example, we’ve learned that recruitment and retention are the top issues facing our industry. We’ve also, unfortunately confirmed that optimism for the future of EMS is low and burnout is distressingly high. At EMS1, we’ve used these findings for special coverage series about recruitment and retention and to highlight agencies that are surpassing expectations.

3. When the EMS Trend Report talks, people listen

Do you remember the commercial, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen?” The results of the EMS Trend Report are of top interest to key opinion leaders, manufacturers and the associations that serve our profession. They show up to listen to the results presentation at Pinnacle, download the Trend Report each year, and view a webinar presentation of the report findings. Your contribution to the Trend Report informs the key opinion leaders, product designers and policy makers that are setting the course of EMS.

4. Show up to make your opinions count

Pioneering EMS leader Jim Page is credited with the saying, "Decisions get made by the people who show up." Participating in the EMS Trend Report survey is a relatively simple way to “show up.” Perhaps it will be the first time you contribute to the future of EMS or just a small sliver of your efforts to advocate for the profession. Regardless, your participation matters. Show up.

5. Many voices increase impact and authority

My anecdote-informed opinion plus your anecdote-informed belief doesn’t even constitute a focus group. But when thousands of us speak up and share our attitudes, beliefs and opinions about the status and future of EMS, our credibility and authority grow. There is power in mass participation.

6. Contribute 15 minutes of your time

Generally, we support causes with our time, talent or treasure. The average completion time for this year’s EMS Trend Report survey is 15 minutes. Can you find those minutes before your next shift, between calls or before rolling out of the station at the end of your shift?

If you have questions about the 2021 EMS Trend Report, or an idea to interpret or report on specific question areas, contact us at editor@ems1.com.

This article was originally posted Feb. 9, 2020. It has been updated. 

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