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Inside EMS Podcast: Why can't EMS and dispatch get along?

Chris and Kelly also talk about the New York City medics being placed on modified duty after a fatal arrest

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In this week's Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss the recent story about medics being placed on modified duty after a fatal arrest.

"It doesn't’t reflect well on EMS in the video, because there seemed to be no great sense of urgency in resuscitating the guy," Kelly said.

Chris and Kelly also talk about the challenges between the EMS field and dispatch and how to fix that relationship.

"I think one of the big things that go into this love/hate relationship is the fact of how we talk to the dispatchers over the radio,” Chris said. “There’s too much ego that goes into both sides of this business and we need to be able to remember that we work for the same organization and have the same mission."

Chris asks Kelly his thoughts on the best way to bridge the relationship between both sides.

"Part of the problem lies within management, because they put us both in a no-win adversarial situation," Kelly said. "Better management policies would probably smooth a lot of that over."

They also interview Mike Miller, Program Director for Creighton (Neb.) University, to set the record straight about their paramedic bridge program that’s awarding certain allied health care professionals to achieve their paramedic certification in two weeks.

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