EMS1 community: Top 10 wishes for your ambulance

For most, ambulances aren't perfect, so we asked our Facebook fans the top things they would like to change

It's not Christmas yet, but it's never too early to start writing up your wish list! As medics, you're always in and out of an ambulance — it can become a second home, but let's face it: There's always room for some home improvement. We asked our Facebook fans, what's on the top of your ambulance wish list?

http://ems.pgpic.com/1.gif"A power load and cot system should be a state requirement. Our patients are getting bigger and bigger and we're getting older. We shouldn't have to weight train to be able to bench over 350 lbs. just so we can survive at work. However, the exercise is good!" – Robert Nash

http://ems.pgpic.com/2.gif"Better suspension so that it doesn't feel like you're riding around in a tank all the time." – William J. Vogl

http://ems.pgpic.com/3.gif "The ambulance should have a lift on it and an updated gurney so it converts to a chair and rises high enough for the crew to work on the ailing/injured; after all, you only have one back. The ambulance crew should have a right to have a healthy snack. Some people are so big it is enough to make the EMS staff end up on an operating table to have their backs repaired because of the obese ailing people. Ruptured disks are not comfortable." – Vicki Rakich 

http://ems.pgpic.com/4.gif "Position the defibrillator so you're not getting caught up in the trailing wires, and put signs on all the cupboards and drawers so you can see in an instant what you need when the heat is on." – Mark Dunkerly

http://ems.pgpic.com/5.gif"Seats! Armrests and leg room that is at least moderately reclinable WITHOUT having to movie it all the way forward and jam your knees in your armpits!" – Scott Klimczak

http://ems.pgpic.com/6.gif "Coffee machine. A huge coffee machine." – Logan Brooks

http://ems.pgpic.com/7.gif "The ride! Can they not make an ambulance that at least tries to pretend it has humans riding in the back? Air ride units don't work and patients continue to be in unnecessary discomfort." – Christopher Fiebig 

http://ems.pgpic.com/9.gif "A 'train horn' for the people who don't see all the lights behind them." – Douglas Ramirez

http://ems.pgpic.com/10.gif "A vomit-free zone!" Larry J. Appel

Do you have more to add? Let us know and add to the wish list by commenting below!

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