MagneGrip Straight Suction Rail (SSR) System

MagneGrip Straight Suction Rail (SSR) System

Exhaust Extraction Systems - 100% Effective Capture
Best Protection Available - MagneGrip sytems meet the NFPA 1500 Standard for "no less than 100% effective capture" to eliminate dangerous exhaust emissions in firehouses. MagneGrip systems have been proven in 1000's of installations nationwide.

The exhaust fan is activated by an auto-start transmitter before the engine starts. After the apparatus exits the bay, the fan runs for three minutes and then automatically shuts off. Other fan activation options are also available, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, hand-held transmitters, and manual switches.

During emergency runs, the MagneGrip nozzle stays connected until the apparatus leaves the bay. It automatically disconnects at the door as the vehicle exits. The balancer cable gently retracts the hose and nozzle.

Unlike other systems, MagneGrip systems do not require compressors, air lines or electro-magnetic wiring. This advanced technology makes MagneGrip systems easier to operate, more reliable and easier to maintain.

MagneGrip systems...

Do not slow down boarding or response time
Connect to emergency and non-emergency vehicles
Require less maintenance than other systems - even filtration devices
Have dealerships nationwide for installation and service

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