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theEMSstore.com to Offer Brady Educational Titles

By offering the most popular Brady titles, theEMSstore.com enables you to keep you and your department’s knowledge and skill levels as high as possible

COATESVILLE, Pa. - theEMSstore.com is now the source of quality educational materials for both the EMS and Firefighting communities. By working together with Brady, theEMSstore.com extends its commitment to serve first responders and those who benefit from the skilled care these professionals provide on a daily basis. Provide your crew with top level educational materials in Firefighting, EMT, Paramedicine, or simply as a First Responder – log onto theEMSstore.com today.

First Responders

First Responder - This classic book has successfully trained First Responder students for over 28 years. It is the ideal resource for fire service, law enforcement, military, civil, industrial, and emergency personnel seeking clear and easy-to-read First Responder-level training.

Emergency Responder, Advanced First Aid for the Non-EMS Personnel - Designed for working professionals, this flexible program blends textbook with online modules and instructor-led hands-on training events. It covers the most important skills needed in order to effectively respond to life-threatening events. The contents are presented in a logical, easy-to-follow format many of the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter.

EMR Complete – A combination text/workbook includes case studies that reinforce key concepts and require the student to apply what they have learned, making this a true worktext. The knowledge and skills presented in this text maintain the perspective of the most important person in the EMS System—the one who arrives first


Emergency Care – Has provided high quality, understandable, and technically accurate material to generations of EMT students preparing for the test and the field. This edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect important changes in science and practice. Two new features have also been added that reflect the vital impact EMTs have on their patients: Point of View, which tells stories of EMS care from the patient’s perspective, and Critical Decision Making, introducing real-life decisions faced on the street.

EMT Complete - This new solution focuses on two ideas: 1) a combination text/workbook enables students to instantly apply knowledge learned—throughout a chapter, not just at the end; 2) understanding the perspectives of all individuals on scene makes for better judgment and decision making. Inside, the worktext, you will find that the content is well organized, easy to read and based on current EMS research and practice. Additionally, integrated elements are found throughout each chapter to challenge and encourage students to test their understanding of concepts as they are presented.

International Trauma Life Support – A refined and updated hands-on training book that offers Paramedics and advanced providers a complete reference covering all skills necessary for rapid assessment, resuscitation, stabilization, and transportation of the trauma patient. For more than 25 years, this has been at the forefront of trauma education at all levels of pre-hospital care worldwide. This edition also conforms to the most recent AHA guidelines for artificial ventilation and CPR.


Paramedic Care: Principals and Practice (7 Volume set) - This collection, from some from some of the best authors in the industry, is intended to serve as a foundational guide and reference to Paramedicine. Developed to stay ahead of current trends and practices in Paramedicine, all seven volumes are based on the National EMS Education Standards and the accompanying Paramedic Instructional Guidelines.

Essentials of Paramedic Care Updated – An updated edition that takes students beyond the skills necessary to practice as a paramedic and into the foundational principles of these practices Correlated to the U.S. Department of Transportation's 1998 National Standard Curriculum for EMT-Paramedic, this book provides the background content and skills coverage required for paramedic education.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Pharmacology - A comprehensive guide to the most common medications and fluids used by paramedics and other EMS professionals in pre-hospital emergency care. It has been extensively revised in this edition to reflect current trends in emergency care, especially the growing requirement for evidence-based practice. A valuable aid to both practicing paramedics and paramedic students, it presents care procedures that represent accepted practices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Basic Arrhythmias – Written to give beginning students a strong basic understanding of the common, uncomplicated rhythms that are key to further learning and success in electrocardiography. This new Seventh Edition program features mybradykit, an online site providing extensive study resources, learning tools, and interactive exercises. An access code to mybradykit is provided in the front of the text.


Essentials of Firefighting & Fire Department Operations - Is one of the best firefighting training books available today. Training text for Firefighter I and Firefighter II have now been completely updated to meet NFPA 1001 objectives. This new 5th edition has also been redesigned offering both students and instructors the most comprehensive package available.

Strategic & Tactical Considerations on the Fireground - Blending theory with personal experience, this Third Edition, features over 40 years of author experience. Using a systems approach, the text covers not only strategic decisions but tactical operations, guiding students through the process of problem identification and solution response. Resource Central Access Code Card is NOT included.

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