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ArchieMD Announces the Release of MEDRILLs Training Apps for Paramedics, EMTs and Combat Medics

BOCA RATON, Fla. –  ArchieMD has released MEDRILLs training apps for Paramedics, EMTs, and Combat Medics on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android Tablets and Smartphones. MEDRILLs Apps can be used for teaching and sustaining skills in EMT/Paramedic/Combat Medic medical procedures.

Each app covers a skills based procedure topic and has three modes
• Instruction Mode – A multimedia instructional animation that cover the injury, diagnosis and treatment
• Training Mode – A series of interactive exercises focused on ‘key didactic point’ of each subtask. The idea is to take each key point and transform it into an active learning exercise.
• Testing mode – Ensures trainees can correctly compete the task. Users can earn CECBEMS accredited CE credits for NREMT recertification through in-app testing.

ArchieMD has released a MEDRILLs App for the following skills:
• Intravenous Infusion
• Cricothyroidotomy
• Needle Chest Decompression
• Saline Lock
• Hemorrhage Control
• Medicine Administration
• Suctioning
• Resuscitation
• Airway Management
• Triage
• Oxygen Administration
• Shock
• Fracture
• Spinal Cord Injuries

MEDRILLs Apps take advantage of novel didactic technics and fully utilize the potential of the touchscreen interface. Further, the use of Apps on mobile devices is ideal for providing quality training in small windows of opportunity.

Additional information is available at www.medrills.com. For More Information contact Kirk Macolini at kirk@archiemd.

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