SmartMan deemed the 'intelligent manikin for CPR'

By Jamie Thompson
EMS1 Senior Editor

ATLANTA — Attendees at EMS Expo in Atlanta were able to perfect their ventilations and compressions on "the intelligent manikin for CPR."

Ambu's SmartMan provides real-time feedback that enables users to understand how they are performing with the aid of integrated computer technology.

Ambu Director Eric Fruitman said studies show that the quality of compressions performed by responders has a direct effect on a victim's survival chances.

"SmartMan can be very important to EMS as it improves skills and links better skills training with better survival outcomes," he said. "It provides a person who has to perform CPR with a tool that allows him or her to quickly achieve high levels of competence."

The SmartMan package includes an Ambu manikin, a technical integration kit, cables to connect the manikin and kit to a computer, and compressions, ventilation and CPR software.

Fruitman said the integrated computer technology provides an easy to understand bar graph on a connected screen that shows how well the trainee is doing — such as proper rate and depth and full release of the chest — as they press on the manikin.

"A person can practice and see if their own performance is correct or incorrect, modify their behavior, then establish proper 'muscle memory,' which builds confidence and increases overall performance of the skill in the field," he said.

"Also, it is important to be able to judge when you are performing incorrectly so that you can correct it. SmartMan achieves this in only minutes, giving the person using SmartMan a competitive score out of 100. The higher the score, the better the skills performance."

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