EMS training application offers help to educators facing remote learning challenges

Training agencies and institutions get assistance grappling with how to spend fiscal year’s remaining training budget

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Online virtual reality training application VRpatients has simplified a common predicament facing EMS/nursing institutions - how to allocate training dollars in the most impactful way possible while adhering to new distant learning requirements. VRpatients is helping provide a solution by offering a free, one-hour training consultation and one free month of VRpatients with a 12-month subscription if you sign up by October 30th.

“When we’re facing limited resources, we need to learn to react quicker, smarter and better,” says Duane Ginder, an experienced EMS practitioner, educator and EMS subject matter expert for VRpatients.  “Now is the time training agencies and educators should take a hard look at a virtual training platform that provides online simulation training for emergency medical workers,” he added.

According to a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report, state budget shortfalls could total $555 billion dollars in the next two years, with a $290 billion loss next year alone. These staggering numbers do not include local governmental budget shortfalls.

The report also says during four months of 2020, state and local governments laid off 1.5 million workers including hundreds of EMS workers.

“The risk of losing a trained coworker is having to replace them with someone who isn’t properly trained, which can be very costly,” Ginder says. “What you’re trying to do is get them field experience which they haven’t been exposed to, which is where a platform like VRpatients comes in. They can get that person into some of those real-life situations without the risks associated with actual patient care in the field.”

With a training application like VRpatients, educators can build their own clinical case scenarios and modify the patient’s conditions or treatment protocols to meet their specific training requirements. The practitioner is then graded as she completes the clinical case in real time, allowing educators to objectively assess one’s critical thinking.

The application can also be extremely helpful when assessing job candidates for your organization.

“You’re investing a couple of months of training into somebody, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice,” Ginder says, adding you don’t want to invest time and money into someone only to have them not be a good fit.

EMS agencies as well as training organizations need to make training as cost-effective as possible both for the agency and the student. That’s why VRpatients is now assisting educational institutions and agencies by offering a free training consultation along with one free month of VRpatients with any 12-month subscription.

“You want all of your workers to receive the same training because you can’t be selective with limited resources about who gets sent on which call.” Ginder warns. “With virtual training, you can build thought-provoking, difficult scenarios and train on a web-based platform which is much easier and cheaper than trying to get everyone into a single location.”

Contact us to schedule a free, one-hour demo or to learn more about how VRpatients can help you get the most out of your precious training dollars.

About VRpatients

Founded in 2018, VRpatients is a physiologically based EMS clinical training application that immerses users into virtual clinical case scenarios where they can interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real-time. Available through an online platform or in full immersion using a VR headset, VRpatientsÔ gives educators and trainers indisputable insight into the medic’s critical thinking skills and competency for patient care in the field. It’s real life training without real life consequences. Visit for more information.

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