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“EMS Technology Solutions releases Operative IQ to replace AmbuTrak”

AUSTELL, GA – EMS Technology Solutions introduced Operative IQ to replace AmbuTrak as their flagship software application. Operative IQ will provide intelligent operational support to thousands of EMS, Fire, and Healthcare professionals. As a leader in inventory, asset, purchasing, and fleet management software, Operative IQ provides customers a superior product that is more intelligent, more powerful, and easier to use.

“EMS Technology Solutions has really astonished Puckett EMS with the speed and functionality of Operative IQ,”said Puckett EMS CEO Steve Puckett. “Operative IQ brings real management capabilities to EMS.”

Operative IQ was developed over the last year with input from industry professionals and is revolutionizing the way companies are managing their risk as well as their profits. With a full time deployment team EMS Technology Solutions will have all of their customers’ transition over to the new application by April 2013.

EMS Technology Solutions provides solutions for companies in 37 states, as well as Canada. They realize that in today’s uncertain financial environment it is more important than ever to have an application that manages expenses and safety risks.

Operative IQ:
Reduces operational costs. Increases efficiency. Improves employee productivity. Manages safety and risk. Organizes data and eliminate errors.

To find out more about Operative IQ please visit us at www.operativeiq.com or call us for a demo at 1-877-217-3707


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