COVID-19: How public safety companies are assisting the frontline pandemic response

The businesses that equip and serve first responders are supporting the national emergency response with new products, free services and donations

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Public safety personnel are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic response. EMTs and paramedics are assessing, treating and transporting patients. Firefighters and police officers are supporting their EMS colleagues and continuing to respond to the everyday emergencies from fire alarms and motor vehicle collisions to property and violent crimes.

While public safety personnel are on the frontline, many companies, from major multinationals to local businesses, are supporting first responders with new products, logistical and technical expertise to procure PPE or support operations, or free or deeply discounted products for departments, personnel and the families of public safety personnel.

The Lexipol COVID-19 Learning & Policy Center provides free online access to coronavirus-related courses, policies and articles for public safety and local government
The Lexipol COVID-19 Learning & Policy Center provides free online access to coronavirus-related courses, policies and articles for public safety and local government

Product launches for COVID-19 response

  • Pulsara, a healthcare communication platform, launched a free COVID-19 management package. The platform seeks to facilitate remote communication between healthcare providers and facilities, as well as between providers and patients, to help organize responses during the pandemic and limit exposures to the disease.
  • ESO, a data and software company serving EMS, fire departments and hospitals, launched a publicly accessible COVID-19 Resource Center with key data elements, including provider impression of COVID-19 infection, PPE use and patient disposition, all updated daily to help keep the industry informed.
  • First Due, a pre-incident planning, mobile response, and community engagement platform, released Community Connect for COVID-19. The no-cost nationwide portal helps departments track and manage COVID-19 and high-risk occupant data. The secure, HIPAA-compliant platform allows anyone to self-report COVID-19-related information, which is instantly made available to public safety officials.
  • The Merit ReadyNow program allows states to verify healthcare provider credentials instantly and mobilize those providers to areas where they are needed most. Merit is giving all states a digital licensing and verification program to help medical professionals respond to COVID-19 across state lines and at no cost.
  • Bryx, a leading provider of first responder technology products, has launched a new COVID-19 Critical Warning banner within its free Bryx 911 mobile alerting application. Keywords associated with the virus are systematically pulled from the supplemental data, triggering a banner that informs first responders of possible cases in which safety protocols and equipment may be necessary.

In-kind and monetary donations 

  • Bridger Aerospace, a Montana-based aerial firefighting company, has volunteered its aircraft, resources and services to help public health authorities and emergency services with the COVID-19 outbreak. Bridger Aerospace employees have assisted in adding 60 beds to a Bozeman hospital and are available to deliver blood drive services throughout Montana. Bridger Aerospace is also supporting its workforce by ensuring all employees’ wages, both salary and hourly, are paid in full.

Discounts for departments, personnel and their families

  • Axon, in the interest of public health, it is providing global access to the full feature set of Axon Citizen, at no cost this year, to every agency that is not currently using the digital evidence platform. Police officers can gather digital evidence from the community by sending a personalized link via text message or email from Axon’s digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence, or the Axon Capture mobile app. This eliminates the need for in-person interaction and helps to minimize officer exposure to COVID-19. 
  • MODULO, a FirstNet-certified push-to-talk smartphone app is currently available for free use to assist medical and other in-field staff serving in temporary hospitals for COVID-19 patients. The MODULO app can be installed on a smartphone and can be used on the FirstNet LTE network, eliminating the need to purchase handheld radios.
  • Beekeeper, a communications app for frontline workers, helps managers reach their employees with consistent and accurate information fast. Beekeeper now offers a free Crisis-Ready Kit that gives organizations 30 days of no-cost access to the Beekeeper platform in order to help them to communicate with their employees and navigate the current COVID-19 crisis.

  • The Redivus Code Blue app, which provides clinical guidance and documentation for cardiac arrest patient care, is available for no charge through July 1, 2020, to any individual or organization in the healthcare profession. Use the code SAVELIVES to start using Code Blue. 

  • Taylor and Francis, an academic publisher, is offering free access to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and future research.

  • Starbucks is offering free coffee for all frontline workers during the pandemic, and has also donated $500,000 to two charity organizations supporting first responders and healthcare workers. 

If your company is supporting the frontline public safety response to COVID-19, you are welcome to contact the Lexipol digital media team to share how you are assisting and supporting EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, police officers and corrections officers. 

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