NREMT launches EMS certification app

The iPhone app allows EMS personnel to manage their continuing education and recertification components

By EMS1 Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The National Registry of EMTs launched a new iPhone app that allows EMS personnel to keep track of their EMS certification.

According to a press release, the app gives EMS providers, training officers and medical directors a way to streamline tracking and management of national EMS certification, verify skills and recertify.

A new iPhone app from NREMT allows EMS personnel to streamline tracking and management of national EMS certification. (Photo/NREMT)

“The launch of the new National Registry iPhone app is an exciting milestone for us as we’re dedicated to making National EMS Certification processes easy for every level of EMS professional, from providers to leadership,” NREMT interim executive director Drew Dawson said. “Our IT staff has been diligently working to produce a mobile platform that is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing Nationally Certified EMS professionals to effortlessly navigate education and certification.”

EMS providers can create an account on the app to access special features such as:

  • Managing education for recertification, submitting recertification applications and tracking their status and cycle
  • Accessing transcripts, adding courses and uploading attachments easily, including supporting documentation and certificates
  • Updating account profiles quickly, including personal information and email notifications
  • Viewing, adding, and removing agency affiliations
  • Fulfilling payments securely

Training officers and medical directors can receive access to exclusive features such as:

  • Viewing agency rosters to identify providers that are due to recertify
  • Managing agency education including adding courses and assigning attendees
  • Signing off on providers’ EMS skills and education quickly and efficiently
  • Approving agency affiliation requests, including inactive and active requests

The app can be securely accessed through iPhone Touch ID or Face ID.

Click here to download the app. 

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