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Startup testing motorcycle helmet that calls for help in crash

The GPS-enabled helmet will contact emergency services if the motorcyclist should fall off the bike

By EMS1 Staff

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A startup company is currently testing a motorcycle helmet that will notify emergency services and family members if a crash occurs.

Vice.com reported that the Pakistan-based startup, called Let’s Innovate, created the HELLI, which automatically notifies first responders using GPS if the motorcyclist falls off the bike.

The helmet will also text family members in the situation, and it comes with Bluetooth, speakers, a heart rate sensor and a dashcam on the front of the helmet.

“If you fall off the bike, it sends a text message to your next of kin and calls an ambulance,” co-creator Waqas Khalil told Vice.com.

Khalil said the helmet was created in an effort to curb the high death toll caused by motorcycle crashes in Pakistan. The helmets will eventually be used to collect rider data on retail and restaurant use. That data would be sold to third-party advertisers. They also plan to use the helmet to learn more about driving trends around the country.

“We build anonymous data points. We will be able to see how people drive on different roads in Pakistan, high congestion areas and which roads are particularly dangerous,” Khalil said.

The helmet is currently in closed beta testing, but designers hope to have it market-ready by mid-2018, ranging between $50 and $99.

HELLI by Lets Innovate

Thank you for an overwhelming response with our initial HELLI showcase. Our team is working relentlessly to bring HELLI to the market. Starting today, we are taking pre-registrations for HELLI, which will guarantee you to be the first in queue once HELLI goes on sale. Please follow the link https://goo.gl/forms/zC53ymP7y6bIw97g1 to register your interest and stay tuned for further updates. Fill the form, sit back and enjoy this short video featuring HELLI!

Posted by Lets Innovate on Saturday, February 18, 2017


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